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    Specialised fuel filtration for smaller outboards from 5-70hp

    Using WaterScreen’s class leading filtration technology and adding the latest developments in materials and design, WaterScreen brings you the Nano, an all new compact fuel filter assembly. 

    Smaller boats and outboards up to 70hp are a significant financial investment. In these modern times extending engine life, improving efficiency and improving performance is becoming more important. For too long this segment of marine outboards has relied on basic fuel filtration. Finer particles and water emulsion will evade the capabilities of basic filtration, exposing the engine to accelerated wear which contributes to loss of power and loss of economy.

    WaterScreen is focused on maximising engine life and fuel efficiency for you via the optimal engine protection that only WaterScreen can give you.

    Why you need proper fuel filtration
    Size Matters
    Water Separation

    Versatility rating - 6 Stars


    Ultimate versatility, fits into tighter transom spaces, fits into more boats, improves the overall appearance of your filter installation.Size matters.


    Premium water separation capabilities while the Nano’s 10 micron media removes unwanted particle contaminants.


    The special Nano filter media is designed for today’s fuel blends and motors and offers high flow characteristic and efficiencies.  Optimal fuel flow at 190LPH (50GPH)


    A clear drain bowl that is uniquely designed to keep the water separated from the fuel, allowing you to drain on the run. 

    Impact Resistance

    Both the fuel bowl and the nylon head are virtually indestructible.

    Corrosion Resistance

    The nylon head is totally inert. No more corrosion!