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    High Grade Marine Materials - Longevity - Performance

    VIGIL is looking out for you with a marine product range made from selected high grade marine materials, the whole design philosophy of Vigil is to make products specifically for marine use. Our thinking for the VIGIL product design was to aim for longevity and to have the chosen marine materials enhance reliability and efficiency in the harsh marine environment. This ensures the best performance of the product over its life time or the life time of the electrical installation. The end result is that VIGIL products feature high corrosion resistance and maintain high conductivity.

    Vigil Toggle Switches, Panels and Studs


    Vigil Switch Panels
    Vigil Toggle Switches

    Vigil LED Bung Light Product Review
    The Vigil Bung Light receives a rave review on the Tackle Junkie Product Review. Watch a live installation demo and hear what the experts say about our great new product.

    Vigil Battery Switches

    VIGIL battery switches and VSR are made to perform, and to last.   

    Externally, they are manufactured from high quality, UV proof marine grade nylon. Internally, you will find marine tinned wire and resin sealing of the circuit boards. Inside the battery switches you will find silver coated contacts and terminals - highly corrosion resistant and giving class leading conductivity.

    This allows you to obtain optimum performance from your 12v dual battery power system.


    Led Indicators
    Removable Key
    Removable rubber sides
    Conductivity and corrosion
    Silver contacts

    Vigil VSR

    The Vigil VSR is a dual sensing voltage sensitive relay. It is an innovative VSR that is marine sealed and specifically designed for use on your boat. It is the perfect complement and the best way to run a dual battery installation.

    The marine nylon body encases a full resin sealed circuit board and relays.

    Rated for 12V DC at up to 135amps, the VSR will engage or cut in at 13.7V DC and cut out at 12.8V DC. 

    An LED indicator lets you know when the relay is closed and the circuit is charging both banks of batteries.