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    Stingray Hydrofoils are designed to help your boat reach its pane faster and provide increased stability to your boat.

     Additionally the installation of a hydrofoil aids in fuel efficiency and engine performance limiting the effcts of drag and engine dip.

    Stingrays patented no drill installation requires ZERO holes to be drilled into your engine. Comparatively to some other brands, who can require up to 4 holes and 30 parts, stingrays system requires just TWO bolts making installation a simple 10 minute job.

    The Stingray Starfire is a rounded design that seeks to provide increased performance speed and stability while also generating lift. It is considered one of stingrays balanced designs.

    Fits engine sizes 40-300HP



    StingRay StarFire Hydrofoil NO-Drill Installation Instructions: WARNING: WITH ALL ENGINE INSTALLATIONS, ENSURE BOAT ENGINE IS OFF, KILL SWITCH IS DISENGAGED, AND GEAR SHIFT IS IN NEUTRAL POSITION. TOOLS NEEDED: INSTALLATION HARDWARE: • Hex Key Wrench (included) • (2) Stainless Steel Set Screws INSTALLATION STEPS: Proceed with these installation steps if you wish to use the NO-Drill Installation method: 1. If your engine has a torque tab installed, remove the torque tab at this time. PRO TIP: If your engine uses a flat, sacrificial anode you don’t need to remove it for installation! 2. Slide the StarFire Hydrofoil onto the cavitation plate as far forward as possible. Make sure there is no gap between the end of the cavitation plate and the hydrofoil. 3. If your engine has a torque tab, re-install the torque tab at this time. PRO TIP: Some engine models may require you to slip one edge of the torque tab underneath the StarFire’s built-in performance bracket before snapping the rest of the torque tab back into place. Using a flat-head screwdriver to maneuver the StarFire’s built-in performance bracket plastic slightly may be helpful if the fitment is tight. 4. Using ONLY the Hex Key Wrench and HAND STRENGTH, insert the Stainless Steel Set Screws into the brass threads on each side of the hydrofoil, and tighten the set screws making sure the set screws engage the edge of the cavitation plate. PRO TIP: The set screws are installed correctly when your hand becomes uncomfortable when tightening the set screws. However, there is NO NEED TO OVERTIGHTEN the hydrofoil! NOTE: Before and after each boat outing, be sure to check that the StingRay StarFire still has a snug fit on the cavitation plate. It may be necessary to re-tighten the set screws if the hydrofoil does not have a snug fit. NOTICE: This product should make an immediate performance improvement in your boat/motor…if for ANY REASON it does not, then remove this product and utilize the Customer Contact Form on our website ( for assistance. Any surface “flow marks” around holes that appear to be cracks are not cracks, but they are a normal part of the molding process and do not affect the part strength or performance.

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