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    Kit Includes 

    1 x 500GPH Rule Pump
    2M x 3/4" Premium Bilge hose
    2 x Stainless Oetiker Clamps ( 13mm-26mm )
    1 x Hi-Nylon Chrome Plated 3/4" Skin Fitting 
    1x Right Angle Qwik-Lok Connector
    1x Straight Qwik-Lok Connector
    1x Barbed 3/4" Connector 
    1 x Rule 


    Bilge Pump 500GPH

    Customers talk about flow, they want the water out of the bilge, and fast.
    The new 25DA Rule Pumps Improved design and performance means that the pump will produce 500GPH at just 12 volts rather than 13.6 volts as previously required, more typical of on board voltage supply.

    These next generation of Rule pumps include check valves, created with a hidden air vent to prevent airlocking. Under each strainer tab there is a small hole that vents any air trapped in the pump housing preventing airlocks.

    With true electromagnetic suppression (EMC) and a built-in thermal cell, that protects the pump and the vessel when things get too hot. 

    Pump Specifications

    • Model : 25DA
    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • Capacity: 1M head 1363 L/PH - 360GPH
    • Capacity straight : 1893 L/PH - 500GPH
    • Amperage: 1.6A
    • Fuse Size: 4A
    • Connection: 3/4" (19mm ID)
    • Max Height: 99mm / 3.9"
    • ISO 8849 (Electric Bilge Standards) 
    • ISO 8846 ( Ignition Protection) 
    • 3 Year Warranty 




    2M of 3/4" Hose

    This is not a plastic hose.

    This hose will not perforate or leak on plastic ridges like plastic cuffed hose.

    Our hose is premium Marine Bilge Hose: 2M of high quality durable 3/4" hose, flexible PVC with special smooth outer for secure fitting of clamps. No need for cuffs, smooth all the way. Our hose is reinforced internally with a rigid PVC helix. Food Grade PVC to AS2070

    Stainless Steel Oetiker Clamps

    High quality stainless steel banded hose clamps with a stainless steel nut and worm drive.

    Hi-Nylon 3/4" Skin Fittings.

    Exclusively made by Marine Warehouse, these hull/skin fittings are virtually indestructible. They feature high impact, UV resistant nylon skin fitting.

    A low profile snag free head complete with tension lugs for tightening of the over sized nuts.

    Stainless Facade - Heavy Duty 3/4" Through Hull

    Made from UV resistant polymer and polished ABS chrome plated cover, these fittings are designed to perfectly fit Flow-Rite 3/4" Fittings. Each fittings is supplied with a corresponding nut, that is used to tighten the fittings to the bulkhead.


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