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    9x30 Tabs Suit Vessles 9M - 12M ( Cruising speed 19 - 25.5knts )
    Part NumberActuator Style (12V)Tab MaterialSwitch Style
    8446StandardStainless SteelRocker Switch
    8446sShortStainless SteelRocker Switch
    8447StandardStainless SteelOne Touch
    8447sShortStainless SteelOne Touch
    8448StandardStainless SteelManual Leveling Control
    8448sShortStainless SteelManual Leveling Control
    8449StandardStainless SteelAuto Levling Controll
    8449sShortStainless SteelAuto Levling Controll

    9 x 30 Trim Tab Kits

    Suits Vessels 9M - 12M with cruising speeds of 19 - 25.5 knts

    Both Short Actuators and Standard Actuators are avliable in these kits - please select the size needed for your instaliation.

    Generally Short Actuators are used in situations where there may be space limitations - see individual items for technical drawings and measurements. 

    please note all kits are 12V - 24V systems can be created for custom orders please reach out Here 

    Available in both Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

    Range of switches available

    Please note that the switch selected will dictate the fuctions avaliable to the user.

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    SKU: Trim_kit_9x30

    Categories: Lectrotab Trim Tabs, Lectrotab Trim Tabs

    Linear Devices Corporation began manufacturing Lectrotab trim tab systems in 1997. They have differentiated themselves from the competion by providing high quality USA made products into both the local and international markets. 

    These innovative systems feature:

    • 12 gauge stainless steel with an integrally formed 12 gauge rolled and pinned hinge to strengthen the tab and eliminate spot welds
    • Dynamic motor braking for instant ram stop and accurate positioning
    • Actuators with no exposed metal parts to eliminate corrosion
    • Internal friction brake which prevents tab movement under all conditions
    • Patented internal self-pressurization system to eliminate negative pressure
    • Patented seal placement to prevent seal damage due to barnacle growth
    • Precision planetary gear box for quiet and efficient operation

    Lectrotab designs and manufactures premium quality electromechanical trim tab systems for the leisure and commercial marine markets. The Lectrotab system is easy to install on new boats or to replace existing trim tabs.

    Stainless Tabs:

    • Strong, corrosion resistant 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel
    • Continuous rolled and pinned hinge provides added strength and eliminates the need for welding
    • Standard chord lengths available in 9" (23cm) and 12" (30cm) and widths from 9" (23cm) to 48" (122cm)
    • Bent trailing edge standard for tabs exceeding 24" width
    • Includes carriage bolts and nuts for actuator mounting to tab

    Alloy Tabs :

    • Marine grade 6005-T5 aluminum alloy material
    • All Tabs sealed with a corrosive resistant epoxy coating
    • Equivalent strength to 10 gauge stainless steel
    • "No Break" polypropylene hinge tested over 300,000 cycles to a 90° bend without failure
    • Standard chord lengths available in 9" (23cm) and 12" (30cm) and widths from 9" (23cm) to 48" (122cm)
    • Less expensive compared to stainless steel tabs
    • Includes carriage bolts and nuts for actuator mounting to tab

    Actuators :

    • Upper ram seal patented location cannot be damaged due to fouled ram or barnacle growth
    • Utilizes patented internal pressure equalization system
    • Upgrades to most popular hydraulic and electromechanical systems
    • Internal brake system prevents unwanted tab movement when under way or backing down
    • Quiet operation
    • All actuators fully load tested to push 1000 lbs of force
    • Non-metallic external structure which cannot corrode and will not deteriorate in the sun or under water

    Warranty :

    Lectrotab Part Warranty Period (from date manufactured)
    Actuators 5 years for actuators with serial numbers prior to November 1, 2009 (*L09**) Lifetime for actuators with serial numbers on or after November 1, 2009 (*L09**) (For warranty, actuator(s) must be connected to Lectrotab brand trim tab plates, control switch and single actuator per tab systems) 3 years from date manufactured for actuators installed with non-Lectrotab parts or dual actuator per tab systems Australia and New Zealand fall under a 7 year actuator warranty when connected to a complete Lectrotab system
    Oval (SETR) 2 years from date manufactured
    Square w/ LED’s (SLC type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Rocker Switch (SAF type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Auto or Manual Leve Controls (ALC or MLC type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Tabs (T or TA) 5 years from date manufactured

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