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    GELCOAT PUTTY KIT - Chip & Scratch Repair

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    Gelcoat Putty Kit (WHITE )  - is a paste specially formulated to repair chips & scratches in fiberglass runabouts, decks, caravans, ice boxes. Etc.


    Directions for Use : 

     Use Coarse sand paper around repair to remove loose paint / glass  

     Wash surface  with Acetone to remove fiberglass dust and other dirt 

    Mix Putty with MEKP in the ratio of 4 drops per 1 teaspoon of putty (5mls MEKP to 100gm of Putty and apply)

    Once cured hard 12-24hours , sand surface to smooth finish with 

    Wet & Dry sandpaper.

    Then polish to required finish.


    Repair kit containing 100g of gelcoat and 5ml of catalyst. Used to repair chips and scratches in the gel coat of fibreglass boats.

    Off white in colour, pigment can be used to match the colour of the hull.



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