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    Flame Arrestor

    Our flame arrestor inside of each valve makes Pro-Fill the safest battery watering system on the planet. Approved by major battery manufacturers, Pro-fill has this built-in safety feature that is necessary for all applications such as golf car, utility vehicle, sweeper, scrubber, pallet jack, or anywhere batteries are used in an enclosed space or otherwise potentially dangerous environments.

    Patented Manifold

    Our patented manifold provides for the quickest and easiest installation.

    Winged Valves

    Winged valves make installation quicker and easier than before. Buy a precut kit and leave your tools at home. With the pre-cut Pro-Fill system, no tools are necessary for installation.

    3-Port Swivel Tee

    Our patented 3-Port Swivel Tee rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing for the most versatile installation. No more worries about kinked tubing or the need for extra plumbing fittings. The swivel also integrates an easy-in, hard-out design to protect the O-ring.

    Clampless Polypropylene Tubing

    Our patented clampless tubing installs in half the time of clamp style tubing and holds twice as well. Unlike clear PVC tubing, our patented tubing will not break down and cause system failure.

    Wide Pressure Range

    With Pro-Fill’s patented technology, you don’t have to buy expensive water supplies to generate high pressure and flow. Our variable pressure system will work from 3 to 35 PSI (static) with a minimum flow rate of 2 GPM.

    Protective Shroud

    The shroud protects the internal displacer from damage due to plate growth, installation, shipping, or any other time.

    Acid Resistant Components

    Just like our predecessor systems, all Pro-Fill components are made of polypropylene. This means all materials are acid, temperature, and impact resistant.

    De-Gas Chamber

    The Pro-Fill valve has a built-in de-gassing chamber (similar to the factory vent caps) which allows the cell to expel the naturally occurring hydrogen and oxygen gases. The standard cap seen here disperses the gases in a manner which dilutes them with the outside air, reducing the risk of ignition.

    5 Year Warranty

    We stand behind all of our SPW systems. We offer a full 5 year warranty on all Pro-Fill components (excluding water supplies). Each valve is date stamped with the shift, day, month and year to ensure quality. All products are made in the U.S.A. by Flow-Rite Controls, an ISO 9001-2008 company.