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    35lb MANSON BOSS holds 4200kg, bends 5/8” shackles!!

    Manson completed seabed testing on the new Boss anchor with simply staggering results.
    Testing began with 40ft of 5/16 chain and 3/8 shackles and a scope of 5:1 using a 90 tonne tug boat they pulled up to 2000kg but bent all the shackles! Manson testing staff returned to the dock, went to a chandlery and bought 5/8 shackles and 60ft of half inch chain. Back out again, and pulling on the 35lb Manson Boss. This time testing had to stop at 4200kg because the 5/8 shackles were all bending. The only problem you’re going to have with your new Manson Boss is you could bend your shackles. How is that for peace of mind!''

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