When you’re dealing with large swells, one question comes to mind. Will my anchor hold?

The Manson Supreme was developed to give you peace of mind during the most dangerous and difficult conditions you could find yourself in. It was painstakingly researched and tested over 18 months with the aim of creating one of the highest holding, fastest setting fixed shank anchors in the world.

And it has achieved just that.

“The anchor is the world’s first officially approved, super high holding power (SHHP) anchor, the only Lloyds certified SHHP anchor available in Australia,” said Marine Warehouse Director, William Keeley.

Customers are finding out what a difference that can make.

Cindy and John Curby recently found themselves caught in storms off the coast of South East Queensland.

“A few days after installing the Manson we were anchored off Moreton Island near Brisbane, just as ex-cyclone Oswald hit south-east Queensland. For four days we sat at anchor on our new Manson watching as the massive storm battered the coast. Wind speeds at times exceeded 65 knots and we spent a day and night with sustained winds over 50 knots. Keeping a constant watch on our anchor alarm and regularly checking our position convinced us that the anchor hadn’t budged.

“At the height of the storm our 16mm nylon snubber line snapped, but the Manson held solid. The winds were strong enough to cover our deck in sand from the sand dunes a mile away

“We are extremely pleased with the Manson and will not hesitate to recommend it. Dragging and stranding on our old anchor was an expensive, messy and distressing experience. We already have total confidence in our new Manson. It is cheap insurance given the alternative.”

Manson Anchors General Manager Sales and Marketing, Ned Wood said he was pleased to hear of the Curby’s safe ending to their ordeal.

“Manson Anchors are extremely pleased that John, his family and his vessel were all safe at anchor using a Manson Supreme during the recent storm. We really do emphasise the importance and huge safety aspect of an anchor. Simply put, your anchor is the last line of defence in an emergency and boaters must class the importance of a good quality anchor up there next to good quality lifejackets and flares. At Manson, we put thousands of hours annually into testing and building the safest, most reliable anchoring equipment on the market today, all backed up with Lloyd’s Register certification.

“We’re really pleased that one of our customers had such a good experience but we implore all boaters to consider their next anchor purchase wisely and consider whether they are happy to put their family’s safety and boat’s security on their current product. There is no price on safety and a sound night’s sleep at anchor.”

So what design features have elevated the Supreme to its position atop the safety ladder?

7 features stand out in particular.

  1. Dual shank anchoring.  Twin slots allow the anchor to be used in both rock and coral seabeds.
  2. Strengthened shank. Made from 800mpa high tensile steel, the Supreme’s backbone is the strongest available of all anchors.
  3. Roll bar. The Supreme’s roll bar ensures the anchor always rolls itself to adopt the correct setting position.
  4. Supreme winglets. Lateral flaps enable the anchor to set perfectly the first time for an immediate set.
  5. Laminated nose. Two layers of steel give the nose added fluke strength.
  6. Spear head. This allows the Supreme to pierce the toughest floors the sea has to offer.
  7. Bow roller compatibility. This has been made to conform to all standard bow roller fittings and will also fully self launch.

These features have combined to make the Manson Supreme one of the world’s best holding anchors.  So make sure you trust your welfare at sea to an anchor that takes safety as seriously as you do.