6V battery Watering kits  - 48V systems

6V battery Watering kits - 48V systems

6V battery Watering kits  - 36V systems

6V battery Watering kits - 36V systems

6V battery Watering kits - 48V systems

Flow-Rite a Pro-Fill universal deep-cycle battery watering system designed for (8) standard 6V batteries.

Each kit consists of automatic shut-off valves that replace the existing vent caps which are interconnected with tubing, making the process of filling your batteries a breeze. Flow-Rite makes battery maintenance easy with a full line of Single Point Battery Watering systems and flip top watering caps.

Fill batteries faster, safer, and more reliably than ever before with Millennium Evo, Pro-Fill, or Qwik-Fill on-board watering systems. Each application specific system consists of automatic shut off valves interconnected with tubing that replace the existing vent caps. A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply.

Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level. The entire process takes just 30 seconds per battery!

Please use the table below to select the appropriate kit for the appropriate battery.
Please note these kits require a hand pump


Part Number Cell Spacing Battery Brand Battery Model
BG-U48V-1G 2.7" Crown All
Deka GC10-GC46
Deka GC10-GC45
Duracell Ultra (Batteries Plus) GC2
Energizer (Sam's Club) GC2
Rolls Surrette Series 4000,S460, S530, S550
Trojan Battery T105,T125,T145,T605
U.S Battery All
Interstate Workoholic
Interstate GC2-ELC-UTL
RocketLongest All
BG-U48V-7G 2.6"-3.5" Power Volt All
Stow-Away (Exide) All
BG-U48V-7J 2.6"-3.5" Trojan Battery J250P, J305H-AC,
Trojan Battery L16P, L16PAC,
L16RE-A, L16RE-B
Trojan Battery T-105RE, DC-500ML
,J185P-AC, 18DC-500ML
Trojan Plus Series T-105 PLUS, T-125 Plus,
T-145 Plus, J150 Plus,
T-1260 Plus, T-1275 Plus

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  • Pro-Fill on-board battery watering system is the only system that has been specifically designed for golf cart applications.
  • Optimizes your battery life and performance by filling each cell to the correct level every time.
  • Improves safety by filling your batteries without needing to remove vent caps, avoiding acid burns, or toxic fumes.
  • Once installed a quick coupling valve allows the system to be connected to a hand pump (sold separately).
  • Once connected, water flows into each cell until proper levels are reached.
  • Snap-on/off water connections and fast filling allow each battery to fill in under a minute.
  • Shrouded winged bayonet valves allow for installation without tools and provide a visual indication of proper installation.
  • 3-port swivel tee rotates 360-degrees for easier installation.
  • Automatic shut-off prevents over or under-watering.
  • The built-in de-gas chamber allows cells to expel naturally occurring hydrogen and oxygen gases, reducing risk of ignition.
  • Flame arrestors prevent external spark or flame from igniting flammable cell gasses.
  • Clampless polypropylene tubing is resistant to battery acid and can withstand below-freezing temperatures.
  • See below for a complete list of all Pro-Fill battery watering kits.
  • Space required above battery: 35mm
  • Kit includes : Pro Fill valves,  manifolds,  water fill quick connect coupler w/ dust cover,  clampless tubing (uncut),  red end caps, and instructions.
  • Limited 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Always use distilled or deionized water when refilling your batteries. Minerals in tap water can coat the battery plates filling pores which will no longer be in contact with the water solution.
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