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6v Battery Watering Kit - 48v Banks 2.6"-3.5" Spacing Trojan +

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Battery Watering Kit compatible with the following battery groups / makes.
(Batteries with 2.6" - 3.5" or 66mm - 89mm center to center cell spacing)

TrojanT105PLUS, T125PLUS, T145PLUS
This Flow-Rite easy battery maintenance system and hand pump are the ultimate combination for a 6V battery - 48V system.

1# Replace your caps with the manifolds   
2# connect them together with the supplied tubing
3# connect the hand pump to distilled water, squeeze the bulb until firm and the job is done. 

Your batteries will be filled to the perfect level - saving your time and your money. 
Improve your battery life and performance with a battery watering system. Add water to your batteries without ever having to touch a battery or remove a cap! This kit allows you to fill up to 8 6v batteries from a single fill tube, using a hand pump.

Safer and more accurate than conventional filling, it installs in minutes without tools. Simply replace the existing battery caps with the Flow-Rite manifolds and connect together with flexible tubing.  Automatically sends water only to low cells by using automatic shut-off valves at each cell, providing electrolyte level accuracy to 1.5mm . Makes maintaining proper electrolyte levels in hard-to-reach batteries easy, improving battery life and performance.  
Systems are reusable and can be installed on new batteries when old batteries are replaced.

Corresponding Flow-Rite Pro-Fill Kit known as:  BG-U36V-7A

Fits 6v batteries with standard 3-cell filling and spacing of  2.6"- 3.5"  ( 66mm- 89mm ) center-to-center.

Includes 8 manifolds (enough for Eight 6v batteries) 


 Kit Includes:
8 x Manifolds
24 x Cell Inserts 
28 x End Caps 
1 x Coupler 
2.25m x Rubber Hose
1 x Flow Rite Hand Pump W/ Connector


  • Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on a workbench
  • Simple hand pump operation
  • Use with any distilled water container
  • No need to remove vent covers
  • Several batteries can be connected and filled at the same time
  • Quick disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a snap


  • Remote watering eliminates hazards of conventional filling
  • No need to open vent covers
  • No risk of acid splashes or dangerous fumes
  • Flame arresters prevent external spark or flame from igniting flammable cell gasses
  • Proper electrolyte level prevents dangerous acid bubble out during charge


  • Automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering
  • Provides electrolyte level accuracy within 1/8"
  • Proper electrolyte level improves battery life
  • Proper electrolyte level improves battery performance
  • Elimination of acid bubble out on charge to prevent loss of battery performance

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